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Watches, watches and more watches, that’s exactly what we all desire, right? Ok, let’s be honest. A great timepiece is still a true essential for the modern gentleman and will always be. But not only that, despite the fact that everyone carries a smartphone nowadays, a watch tells you the time while sitting comfortably on your wrist. But why exactly would you need one? Let’s find out!

  • Simplicity:

Well, a clean and well-manufactured watch has one primary function: Telling the time accurately. If you get yourself a chronograph you’ll get a stopwatch with it. If you get yourself a moonphase, you’ll get a moonphase calendar with it. Every watch has its simple but helpful features. But in the end, a watch should be able to tell the time accurately. It’s a simple feature and it’s a simple accessory. You can’t do anything wrong as long as you stay away from colorful plastic watches with rubber bands, seriously.

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  • Elegance:

With its simplicity, a great timepiece adds a tremendous amount of elegance and class to your outfit, INSTANTLY! In terms of accessorizing your looks, a watch will always work. No need for any other accessory, despite it CAN look good to have other accessories as well, a watch only is and will always be a smart & stylish move! Simple elegance, that’s what we want to achieve, right? Perfect! Let’s move on.

  • Versatility:

Yes, watches are absolutely versatile. But not every watch is, so you want to be a bit careful with that one. For example, you can unquestionably wear a stainless steel watch like the Derby from our sponsor Jacques Lemans with a casual look on the beach as well as a suited look. You can’t do the same with a rose gold automatic like the Jacques Lemans VeronaBut in the end, watches are definitely versatile. You may want to build a collection just as we do, that way you end up having a watch for any occasion and look which is clearly helpful.

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  • Bonus: Investments:

As we just mentioned building a collection we wanted to drop this bonus tip. If you build a smart collection of watches you may even end up making money with that as some watches (definitely research before buying) go up in price and therefore can be used as investment vehicles for you.

Jacques Lemans

We hope today’s article in collaboration with our sponsor Jacques Lemans was helpful and could show you how important it is to invest in a quality watch. We’d recommend you to check out Jacques Lemans as these watches definitely are quality, good-looking and fair in price. You can find your potential new watch right here.

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