Suits are an important topic themselves and you can do lots of things wrong but we from Your Modern Gent are here to help you out with our ultimate suit guide.

Our suit guide – Let’s get started:

First up, what are you looking for? – A: a suit off the rack or B: a made-to-measure suit?

There are several things you need to know and look out for in a suit off the rack and a custom-made suit.

Suit guide

A: Off the rack

1. Go for basic colors:

Always build your basics first, you ideally want to have a suit you can wear for several occasions.

2. Pay extra attention to the fit:

Clear thing but when buying off the rack you should pay extra attention to a perfect fit. Best you get measured by your tailor beforehand. No excuses on that point, a suit that doesn’t fit, doesn’t look good. Period.

3. Remove the labels:

Remove all labels on the suit as soon as you bought it. Nobody needs to know which brand your suit is from.

4. Open the pockets:

Suits off the rack mostly have closed pockets to keep people from stuffing things in them. That is useful for the shop where the suits are showcased. But as soon as you bought your suit, open the pockets up.

5. Extra-tip:

Buy less, pay more – Quality beats quantity. There can be found huge quality differences when shopping off the rack. Make sure to get a quality suit, even if it’s a little more expensive. You want a suit that lasts.

B: Made-to-measure

Not much to say, you definitely pay more to get more but:

Find yourself the right tailor. Even with made-to-measure or bespoke suits, you can find huge quality differences. I personally found myself the perfect tailor, Bowfolders. If you’re in Germany, look out for Bowfolders. They have several stores and will tailor you the perfect suit that lasts your whole life, promised!

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Conclusion: I love quality and that’s why I definitely recommend saving money elsewhere, not with your suits. Quality over quantity!

The ultimate suit guide
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