Let me introduce Hockerty to you!


Tailor4less is a well-known brand for all of my readers that follow my social media channels.

I do collaborate with the team behind the made-to-measure service since two years now.

I’m fascinated by the super affordable prices when it comes to quality and fitting.

Now, after quite a bit, it’s time for a rebranding to make things even better.

Let me introduce the new Tailor4Less to you. It’s here, Hockerty!



When online shopping becomes the perfect muse


I’m a huge fan of online shopping, no secret.

The only time I prefer shopping in the city is when traveling. When home, I prefer

shopping my stuff online. I do take note of all my sizes and measures which

make it a perfect experience for myself. Thanks to Hockerty, it’s even

possible to shop your made-to-measure suits, shirts & coats online.

I personally never experienced that before, so I was skeptical at first but my

scepsis got overwhelmed by the all round service and simplicity.

Finally, I loved the idea behind Hockerty as an entrepreneur, that

was the impulse for me to give it a try.


When quality meets simplicity meets service


I do own three shirts & two double breasted suits currently provided by Hockerty

(find my older suit here). I had one issue with a loosely stitched button, that’s about it.

Not mentioning the outstanding quality of the fabric combined with the

perfect measures & sizes. One of my shirts was a bit too tight after a proper

process in my washing machine but just a few clicks & minutes later the service team

sent me a new one with adjusted measures, all on their costs, which impressed me a lot.

I never experienced a support team of a company replying that fast and helpfully.

The whole process of an online order contains the customization of your new piece,

taking the needed measures with instruction videos & additional text (just to be sure)

and finally placing the order. Very minimalistic and simple to use for everyone.


Change your shopping habits positively


In the end, I can only hint you to try Hockerty out by yourself.

Your shopping habits will become even more simple and relaxing, cause the

whole world of made-to-measure & amazing suits is just a click away.

I do have even better news for you; Before placing your order, use my personal

discount code to save even more. Get 10% discount on your order with

the discount code “SASCHAVENUS



Start designing your own made-to-measure pieces & upgrade your style game on the brand’s website.

This advertorial was created & sponsored in collaboration with @Hockerty

Special thanks to @VONFLOERKE for providing the matching accessories

Creative talent, photography & modeling by Sascha Venus

Assistant photography Seith & Christian Neuendorff



Awesome pictures for an awesome look!!


Looks perfect! Love the “made-to-measure suits, shirts & coats online.”


Looks perfect! Love the “made-to-measure suits, shirts & coats online.”



Super coole Looks und grandiose Fotos! 🙂

Ich wünsche Dir noch ein schönes Wochenende! 🙂




Nice pictures!



wow, that looks good! I’ll have a look! 🙂


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