Hugo Boss

„I don’t expect success I prepare for it!“ – Ryan Reynolds words on Hugo Boss Bottled

and I can only agree with his words! And when it comes to success and preparation it is key

to look and feel your best in any situation. Not only that a fine look upgrades your

confidence a lot it also prepares you for anything that’s coming (except running a marathon,

that would be uncomfortable in a suit!). In the end, as long as you’re not Mark Zuckerberg,

you should dress your best for your best.

Sascha Venus for Hugo Boss


Bring on the smells


Hugo Boss spreads a cool and unique flair with their clothes but also the great

smelling-like-a-boss perfumes. The name of the brand really tells you what you’ll get.

Myself, I’m a big fan of the Boss Bottled Eau de Toilette as it smells like business

and leadership and surrounds you with a mysterious aura. It seduces you with a woody

but fruity top note and bases on vanilla and cinnamon. The smell is very mysterious

on the one hand but drops in with masculinity and success on the other.


Simple elegance


Talking about the most strict guideline for my daily life means talking about simplicity.

I follow the rules of simplicity instead of complexity in almost any situation of my life.

And I’d never regret it. (Okay you got me, Pitti is the place where I leave simplicity at home).

But especially when it comes to getting dressed up everyday for daily life you need to learn

the worth of a minimalistic outfit. That’s what I generally tell anyone asking for fashion tips.

The clothing range Hugo Boss offers is very clean and minimalistic but outstanding

and bold in the same place. No need to add a colorful, wide and attention-screaming tie

when wearing the brands garment as the clothes speak for themselves. Don’t underestimate

the worth of a bold and colored accesorie in general, see my guideline here but there’s

garments in the industry that are already some big game players and you can

definitely add Hugo Boss into that section.

Hugo Boss

A State of luxury


Hugo Boss, without any doubt, is a luxury company. It’s one of those that surrounds you

with a magical aura when wearing. A perfectly simple outfit by Hugo Boss highlighted

with a bold accessory and the finishing touch of the Bottled smell

will drive you a lot of attention without investing too much effort.

Thats what makes the brand simply perfect in the eyes of a fashion lover, a gentleman

who wants to dress sharp for the office and anyone who likes to drive attention with minimalism.


Note: The outfits are Hugo Boss inspired but not showcasing actual Hugo Boss clothes


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