Sascha Venus X Smart Turnout
British Tradition Watches

When it comes to watches and accessories I’m definitely the right partner to talk about. And Smart Turnout is a brand I would recommend you to keep an eye on!

The first time I ever heard about that british brand was when reading the latest issue of the British GQ. The picture included was so outstanding and the featured watch catched my eyes directly.

Luckily a few weeks later I was attending my favorite place on earth again when it comes to fashion. It was the time of Pitti Uomo again. While exploring all the stands I came finally across the one of Smart Turnout. My attention was catched once again by the beautiful watches and accessories.

 Sascha Venus X Smart Turnout

Sascha Venus X Smart Turnout

I believe a lot in fine manufacturing and well crafted goods but I try to keep an eye on my budget as well and so this watch manufacturer is a really good deal as it combines both of the needs. The prices are leveled in the middle up to the luxury section and you can choose between fine Japan made movements or even Swiss made ones both with a good and fair price tag.

Sascha Venus X Smart Turnout

Notice the short trousers, an italian trend I really admire. See my article about that topic here

Finest British Design paired with a swiss movement

So let me introduce to you the newest member of my watch collection; It’s the Smart Turnout Classic Watch with burgundy leather strap.

(I don’t know if I ever told you but I love burgundy stuff!!!)

The watch comes with a beautiful face, a well crafted leather band, I LOVED the smell of it, that’s why really I love Tom Ford’s Tuscan Leather fragrance, I literally could bath in the smell of fresh, handmade leather!!

But beside from the great feel, smell and also look, the watch did a great job from second one. The movement is the Swiss Made 5021 Rhonda, not to argue that this shouts  Q U A L I T Y  very loud.

Sascha Venus X Smart Turnout

Meeting in London

My favorite place on earth, the city of London got me again this month for three weeks.

It was amazing to be finally back in town and it was a great opportunity to shoot some great stuff again. You can find all the shots from London on my social media channels linked below (More to come the next few weeks).

But the best about the trip was the ability to meet up with Jess, the marketing leader of Smart Turnout and the person to talk to for this collaboration.

We catched up to get some drinks near London Bridge and it was a lot of fun but also quite good to discuss on further projects. Keep an eye on my Snapchat @saschavenus to get all the background information and to follow me on all my trips.

Sascha Venus X Smart Turnout

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