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Paco Rabanne Pure XS

It’s the third time that we have the pleasure to review a great fragrance thanks to our sponsor Flaconi,

the biggest online perfumery in Germany. We’re having the pleasure to present

Paco Rabanne’s PURE XS to you.



We’re clearly talking about a very masculine scent, something that definitely deserves a fine suit,

a tie, and a classy night out kinda thing. It’s pure sex and pure elegance in the best form

we can experience such things – a scent packed into a bold flask that purely shows what our nose

can prepare for to smell when spraying a bit of it.



The notes are officially described as ginger, vanilla, Myrrh, and Woods. It definitely

drops in very sweet but then bases in something fruity, woody and super elegant and seducing to smell.

Just take a moment and visualize the best suit you ever owned, the one that fits you perfectly,

the one that takes your confidence on a whole other level, then think about the best night out you ever had

where you had massive fun, some great drinks and all of your best friends surrounding you.

Do you see where this goes? Exactly, THAT’S the occasion to put on the Pure XS fragrance.

But aside from that, smell-wise that scent turns any night out, any appointment,

any shopping trip into a great and outstanding experience.


If you are into smelling good, don’t hesitate to check out our other articles on the

CK Obsessed as well as the Paco Rabanne Invictus Intense. But if you are into sex, masculinity, suits, and elegance,

this is the right article of the perfect fragrance for YOU!This kinda sounds like a Fifty Shades movie haha!

The only thing making this scent even more elegant, besides its own power, is the fact that it comes in a

blue velvet box with Pure XS written in bold golden letters.


See and feel the power & masculinity for yourself by ordering your own bottle or trying it out

at your local perfumery. If you want to order one you can find a link down below.

Thanks to our sponsor @flaconi for sending is this scent.

Assistant photography by Christian Neuendorff & Joshua Seith.

Shop Pure XS here: @flaconi

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