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CK – Release your full potential


It’s that time again, my friends from Flaconi have sent me a new fragrance and this time we’re

talking Calvin Klein Obsessed. No wonder I’m obsessed with this smell!!

The name of this signature fragrance brings you exactly what you’re expecting from it.

This smell is a huge confidence booster and you’ll feel beautifully surrounded by

an amazing smell all day long, no matter the occasion.


Calvin Klein is most definitely a brand we do all know. Calvin Klein stands proudly for

its signature boxer shorts and simple t-shirts we can spot on every street style blogger

on Instagram. So I for myself never smelled or owned a Calvin Klein fragrance. Until now.



top note: cedar leaves

heart note: black vanilla

base: amber


Sascha Venus X Flaconi 2

The story


Obsessed is the reinvention of an iconic fragrance, it’s being remembered as ‘the’ scent.

Both, masculine and feminine, the past and the present, this

outstanding fragrance tribute the original Obsession.

When smelling the scent you get sent on a spiritual journey beyond reality,

finding yourself posing for outstanding visual work. You can literally see yourself laying on

some black leather furniture with a fluffy white cat or dog, waiting for the photographer

to capture the beauty and art of the scene.


Sascha Venus X Flaconi 3


The fragrance wakes your inner artist and guides you through any occasion of the day ahead.

I’m truly obsessed and don’t want to miss it anymore for my daily workflow, meetings, and my overall confidence.

Grab your own CK smell and all of your beloved fragrances online at Flaconi.




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