Sascha Venus for Von Floerke


There is one thing I keep doing in my outfits on a daily base. I mainly try to set up

a simple, color neutral and basic outfit and add a lasting impression with the details and accessories.

But as you can imagine it’s not always easy to find those incredible pieces, especially in Germany to be honest.

This is where Von Floerke steps into my life. Von Floerke is a young german startup

with an amazing story and impressive growth among the german menswear market.

The brand gained a lot of attention from their appearance in the german version of Shark Tank

where several investors invest money in great startup ideas.

But let’s go ahead, what makes them different? Well, let’s only say ‘make the world a bit more colorful’.

Von Floerke provides the world with unique & colorful patterns & accessories to make you stand out

with easy and simple key pieces that work very well. The best thing is that the whole collection is made

to match with each other piece which makes mixing and matching very simple.




Sascha Venus for Von Floerke




Sascha Venus for Von Floerke


Your outfits won’t ever look the same again. With Von Floerke, you are able to create

unique looks with outstanding pieces. Your suits, either for a relaxed day

or your office ensemble, won’t look the same again. You are going to be noticed for sure

and just like the trees above you are going to create an outstanding & colorful aura

that surrounds you with beautiful positive, shining and ‘can’t-wait-for-summer’ vibes.

You are not going to look like that regular office guy again that tries to impress too hard.

And come on, we all don’t want to be that guy, but most probably at least once have been like him.




Paris is a wonderful city, especially the architecture is very clean and lovely. The only thing

to make it a perfect stay for me during my three days in Paris was my outfits.

No place on earth would be better to pull off those clean accessories from

the Paris-Collection of Von Floerke, self-explaining. Not only that the accessories contain

little sights from Paris, they also fit exactly in color & shape to compliment the city in

it’s being and architecture.

Sascha Venus for Von Floerke



As a big fan of the company Lamborghiniyou can imagine what a pleasure it was to combine this fun with my style.

I don’t know why (well, I probably do) but there is something very powerful when supercars meet fine suits.

Combined elegance in all its forms with the fine architecture of a wonderful city, an amazing & very loud

supercar, and a strong suit. That’s all it takes to create the perfect day and heaven for a classy gent.

Sascha Venus for Von Floerke


To find out more about the company & to shop all the collections visit the website


This advertorial was created in collaboration with @vonfloerke

Creative talent, photography & modeling by Sascha Venus

Assistant photography Joshua Seith



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