5 best men style tips (2018)

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Today we are talking about our 5 best men style tips. There are lots of ways to improve your style game, from your general look to the very small details. We try our best to highlight these tips that will have the most impact on your appearance.
Without further do, let’s make you even more stylish!


1. Have an army of white shirts in your wardrobe

This one is very important. We talked with many gentlemen and we do all agree on this one. White shirts are the MOST important clothing item a man can own. Why? White shirts are super versatile. They can be used for casual as well as super formal looks. Not stopping there, you can even have lots of small tweaks in your white shirts to make them even more interesting. You could have one with a Kent collar, the next one with a spread. A white shirt will always make you look clean and stylish and therefore is the most important item to invest on, no matter what.


2. Focus on the fit of an item, not the brand or uniqueness

Too many guys focus on the wrong things when out shopping for new stuff. So let us ask you a question: What are you focussing on? If you plan your shopping trip by labels/brands to look for new stuff, chances are that you forget to focus on the most important criteria which is fit. A perfect fitting t-shirt by Fruit of the Loom is going to look way more stylish than a bad fitting Hugo Boss one. You ain’t gonna impress anyone with a bad fitting t-shirt, no matter the brand.


3. Forming habits for several style-improving tasks

Human creatures are made to follow routines. We do easily get used to certain things and quickly fall into routines and form habits. Even with things that you don’t even realize consciously. Men style is no exception to that. You can clearly benefit from this by applying habits where you need them. A very important one is your grooming routine. Make sure to keep your hair in place by implementing the habit of grooming and seeing your barber on a regular basis. Too many men underprioritize that one, big mistake.

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4. Keep your accessories under control

Accessories can either make or break a look, keep that in mind. The perfect formula that always works is wearing a watch. As a stylish guy, you should always wear a clean looking watch that compliments your look. In addition to that, you can try if a bracelet or a necklace works. If you feel like it’s too much, it most likely is. No matter how good your bracelet looks, leave it at home if it’s simply too much. Be brave and experiment a little bit with that one, you’ll get a feeling for it very quickly.


5. Invest in a quality fragrance

This one does not directly improve your style, BUT what a quality fragrance does is it separates you from a huge crowd of gents who try to save a few bucks on that one and end up smelling cheap. We all know that one guy who smells like a teen using his Axe deodorant to replace a quality fragrance. Don’t be that guy. Invest in a quality scent that you absolutely love smelling and which makes you feel super confident while applied. If your confidence increases, your style does the same!


Photography by @rawchesta featuring @gents-club-germany & @agentlemans.world

Special thanks to Teachingmensfashion for the inspiration of today’s article

5 Best Men Style Tips
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