How to not waste your money

See, we all tend to spend a little too much money once in a while. The problem appears if you do it on a regular basis. Therefore, today, we’re here to keep you from spending all your hard earned money.

1. Drinks & Coffee

It’s no big secret, we are all creatures of habit. We tend to do the same things over and over again, no matter if good or bad. The cup of coffee on your way to work every single morning is definitely a bad one. Why? Because of two reasons. The first one being the amount of money that you end up spending over a monthly period. We hear you, that cup of coffee is not expensive. But the truth is that it sums up being a big amount by the end of every month. Be smart and save that money by drinking your own brewed coffee at home. Or don’t drink coffee at all. That leads us to our second reason – Get yourself a good going day and nighttime routine. Implementing that will lead to a better nights sleep which reduces sleepiness and therefore boosts your energy levels in a natural way. That makes your whole caffeine intake needless and saves you quite a good amount of money.

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2. Your Mobile Phone

Mobile phones are definitely essential in today’s modern world. Not having one seems unworkable as the benefits of owning one are definitely huge. But the two problems many people face moneywise when it comes to phones are first – Paying too much for your mobile data. Track the amount of data you really end up using on average every month. You will be surprised, most of the times you pay for a lot more than what you are really using. Secondly – Don’t become a slave to the update fever. Today’s phones come with incredible amounts of power, specs & space for all your documents & files. On the other hand, brands drop new phones once or twice a year while the upgrades in technology are not super significant due to the short amount of time new ones are being released. You can use your phone for at least 3-4 years without any problem. The benefits with that are the money you save plus by the time you update your phone, the technology definitely has improved and you will end up recognizing and feeling what you paid for.

3. Streaming Services

Netflix and chill? We’ve all done that at least once and it definitely may be a great way to relax and unwind after a stressy day sometimes. BUT it comes at a price in two different ways. The first one obviously is your wallet which keeps getting more empty. The second one is your circadian rhythm which will affect your health and productivity. Let us explain that:

The evening is the timespan which is the least productive. That’s why it makes sense to watch movies by then in the first place. But what starring at a device’s display at night really does is keeping you awake. This will constantly keep shifting your rhythm back which leads to you going to bed far too late. The next morning you have to get up early again to tackle your work schedule and by then you’ll be super tired and your productivity is low.

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You’ll end up getting less work done which results in less money. Plus, you hold on to your multiple cups of coffee which will drain your wallet again. You see where this leads, right? You won’t get many things done in the evening. Therefore, make it a habit to go to bed early to use your inefficient hours effectively and be ready and fully energized (even without coffee) every morning, ready to get things done.

Be brave and make your productivity and well-being a priority every single day!

You’ll absolutely see and feel a big difference in all aspects of your life.

How To NOT Waste Your Money
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