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Human life is ruled by habits. Good habits as well as bad habits. All successful people know that which is a key factor in WHY they are successful. When talking about men’s style, you need to adopt a few habits in order to always look your best version.

Listed down below you can find 5 habits every stylish man does:


1. Planning their outfit the night before

Most probably your days start very hectically and busy, that’s at least the case with most of us. Trying to fit in a 30-minute segment where you can brainstorm on a great outfit seems like an impossible challenge. You are not alone with that. Stylish men know that and plan their outfits the night before. During that time you are most likely relaxed, have some spare time and can easily implement that habit. If you want to look your best, DO IT!

2. Always stock up their basics

Basics are those pieces in your wardrobe that you can always wear confidently because you know they fit you and your style. It’s those pieces that you can always combine and pull off a great outfit with. Why not stocking them up? You are going to wear them regularly anyway so make sure you buy them more than once or twice.

3. Keep their hair trimmed

The best outfit just looks worse than it could if your hair is out of control. All stylish men know that so make sure to keep your hair trimmed. Make it a habit to shave your beard and your hairline to keep a clean look. You don’t wanna look messy around your face while wearing your brand new tailored suit to the office. The same goes for your body hair. It may not be visible for your surroundings but it definitely boosts your confidence knowing that everything’s in place.

4. Having their wardrobe clean & organized

No, it’s not fun to clean your messy wardrobe in the first place BUT if you’ve done it once, you only have to keep it that way. Make it a habit to keep every piece in its place. Clean your wardrobe weekly and see how much time you can save with that plus how much easier it will be to put together an amazing outfit just because you know where to find any of your pieces.

5. Keep their shoes clean

The first thing most of us notice in other people’s styles are their shoes. Make sure to keep them clean and stylish. Not only your dress shoes but also your sneakers, boots etc. Who doesn’t know the pain of seeing dirty, once been white, shoes? Keep your shoes clean at any time. Simply make it a habit to quickly clean them after you wore ’em. Maybe takes you 2-5 minutes but will save you from not being stylish.


Implement these 5 habits all stylish men do and see the benefits in your daily appearance instantly.


5 Habits EVERY stylish man does
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