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GuidoMaggi luxury shoes

GuidoMaggi brings you some of the finest handmade luxury shoes you could ever imagine. And as you know, shoes maketh men so you should be reading carefully now to not miss out on your possible new shoes.

So, GuidoMaggi is an Italian company who focusses on handmade shoes. In addition to that, they even provide height increasing heels if required. The perfect solution if you are a little smaller.

We are clearly talking luxury shoes here which means that the shoes are a bit more expensive but keeping in mind that all pairs are handmade turns the tables. And as we previously mentioned on the topic of suits & shirts, it’s definitely better to invest a bit more to have lasting quality products. If you try to save money on the wrong end you’ll end with poor quality shoes you’ll have to replace on a regular basis.


Oxfords not Brogues

The Oxford is the best formal shoe that’s our opinion and the reason we decided to rock a pair of plain black ones. We just think that the Oxford is suitable for a variety of occasions and therefore the better allrounder and somehow the perfect shoe for the modern gentleman. You can wear an Oxford shoe with your suits but you can also dress it down with a more casual approach, it really fits most occasions. But in case the Oxford is not the right shoe for you, GuidoMaggi offers a wide range of different shoes. From sneakers to loafers, boots and dress shoes, no wishes remain unfulfilled.

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Height increasing heel

Can amazing shoes become even more amazing? Yes, they can! Many men worry about a short body size. We’re not encouraging you to do so but the reality is that many do. In case you are one of them, you can now confidently get a pair of GuidoMaggi shoes and order them with a height increasing heel. This is a genius mechanism to lift your body and make you appear a bit taller without it being that much noticeable. So, what you get is an amazing pair of handmade quality shoes, ready to fit your feet perfectly and even making you appear a bit taller. What more could you ask for in a pair of shoes?

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You can shop the featured Oxford shoe here

Watch our short video about the shoes here

Elevate your style with Guido Maggi
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