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The watch in 2018

In my opinion, beside from suits, there is only one key piece that can make or break a gentleman’s

appearance; The watch! It’s the most important accessory for the modern gent, still!

I know we all have smartphones with us all the time which are also able to display the current time

and even more BUT a proper timepiece still is more than important because of multiple reasons.

Omega Watches

First of all, a watch can be a gamechanger to your outfits. Wearing the right timepiece

is something you should take time for figuring out.

Furthermore, it is a must have when wearing a suit. Otherwise, your wrist will look bare

and naked, something you really want to avoid when aiming for looking your best.

Last but not least is it a lot more gentlemanly raising your wrist and catching a quick glimpse of

the current time when asked instead of pulling out your smartphone, a gadget

that is used a lot throughout the day anyway.

Omega Watches

Let’s talk Omega

Omega is a Swiss watch manufacturer but I believe you’ve heard of them before. I never had my hands on

an Omega watch before and this is something I absolutely regret by now.

I’ve never seen and felt something so luxurious and precisely detailed before.

I was wearing the Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon edition, completely blacked out.

Omega Watches

Omega Squad

Life is always more fun when shared with some friends. Especially when you are all on the same

mission with the same passion. As for us, we met up in the city of Florence for fashion week + to

capture our wrist game featuring Omega watches.

No words can sum up our experience with Omega quite as it was but we did our best to

capture the journey in a visual experience.


Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon

The squad: @agentlemans.world | @chorengel | @szymon | @c.neuendorff

Photography by @rawchesta & @c.neuendorff

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