Diamond Katana DA20


Sunday, fun day

This Sunday I drove out to the airfield located in the beautiful wine region of the Mosel in Germany, not far from my home. I went there to experience piloting for a day as I’m super interested in it since I was a child. It was a blasting experience as we had beautiful clear & sunny weather and the views were incredible 4000 feet up in the air. It was surely a dream come true.

The aircraft I took was the Diamond Aircraft DA20 Katana. It’s a super lightweight and agile plane which is used a lot for training flights, especially by the US military. The aircraft is super easy to handle and fly and therefore the perfect training plane.
With only 530kg it’s so lightweight that you can experience flying in its raw form. You can maneuver it very fast and precisely as it comes with an 80hp engine which quickly accelerates the plane to climb at 680 ft/min.

Aviation is such an interesting topic and definitely the perfect hobby for the hard-working entrepreneur who wants to refocus once in a while and enjoy some time alone. But it’s also absolutely fun to go on a short-trip once in a while with your own airplane. It’s like flying private but with the joy of being the steering pilot yourself.
If you ask us, piloting is a super fun, versatile and balancing hobby for the modern gentleman.
Most of the smaller airfields offer roundtrips and/or courses where you can try piloting out yourself and therefore experience how you’d like it.
So if you are interested in aviation and piloting, give yourself a go and try it out. We are sure you are going to enjoy the experience!

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