Top 6 Essentials That Will INSTANTLY Make You Look Good 2

So, we’re all men and we all want to look our best on a daily basis, right? But we are all familiar as well with these days where you don’t feel super stylish. Maybe because of that party last night which drained you more than expected or a few problems that kept your mind restless during the night. Whatever the reason, we all know such days. But what can you do to instantly look better than you feel with little effort? Let’s find out:

  • Jewelry

Yes, we already mentioned the power of jewelry a few times but it belongs in this article undeniably. Go for a quality watch and a few quality bracelets and you’re already set for looking good INSTANTLY when putting them on.

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  • Sunglasses

See, your face is what others will notice first but there’s not much we can actually change in the way it looks other than looking after your hairstyle and keeping a clear & healthy skin. BUT if you invest in a great pair of sunglasses that compliments your face shape, it can actually have an influence on how your face looks in general. PLUS, it hides your puffy eyes after that mentioned party night that went on for too long.

  • Well fitting T-Shirt & Shirt

Yes, both of these are definitely essentials. Every man should AT LEAST own one perfect fitting shirt & one perfect fitting t-shirt. Concentrate on the fit, not a specific brand or anything. Both items should fit perfectly to compliment your body and make you look great instantly.

  • A Suit

Well, that one is obvious. A fitting suit will always look good and powerful. If you don’t feel your best or have on of these days where nothing really works, put on a suit and see how your mood instantly increases because of the way the suit makes you look. It will upgrade your confidence, make you look good &  boost your general well-being.

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  • White Sneakers

The focus here lays on WHITE sneakers. So make sure that you own a great pair at first and to clean them properly to keep ’em white secondly. White kicks are super versatile, comfortable (if you buy good ones obviously) & they will instantly upgrade your look because, who does not like how they look, right?

  • Leather Jacket

Good old leather jacket, trendy and stylish as ever. Leather jackets will never go out of style. Therefore, invest in a good one and remember our words when wearing it over and over again when it already became a daily follower. Why is that? Because it instantly makes you look good on almost any occasion and gives you a little bit of that bad boy vibe which never disappoints.


With these essentials, you won’t ever fail to look good from now on.

Top 6 Essentials That Will INSTANTLY Make You Look Good
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