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A wise saying goes ‘You want to own the day, not let the day own you’. I live by that saying as I value productivity and getting shit done very important. That’s the reason I do have a clear structure and routine for my whole week. We talked about productivity in our latest article which you can find here. But today I want to take it a step further and show you how I manage and structure my days as a founder & CEO.

First of all, I split my days into different blocks/segments. I have three main goals every single day which are:

  1. Health
  2. Business & Finances
  3. Relationships

A successful day for me takes care of all three. Every single day I want to keep track and improve my health, scale my business and take care of my relationships. This includes your partner, family, friends etc.

That being said:

My daily routine:

  • I usually get up without an alarm. I find for myself that I’m much more productive when I sleep as much as my body needs to instead of waking up to an alarm every day. This only works after some time as your inner clock adapts and wakes you up naturally around the same time every day.
  • First thing I do in the morning is hydration. After many hours without drinking water during the night, your body is dehydrated when you wake up. So, fill up the tank. Water improves your brain function, your skin, it reduces the risk of heart diseases and has many more benefits.
  • Next thing I do is brushing my teeth and washing my face with cold water. Cold water on your skin boosts your metabolism and wakes you up.
  • After that, I read inspirational and business books for around 30-60 minutes. This sets my mind in the right mood for the day and puts my thinking in the entrepreneur mode.
  • When done reading, I usually take a 30-minute walk to get my body moving and breathe fresh air. At this point, I am fully awake and ready for the day, even when I only slept a few hours. This process till here became a morning ritual for me that always works.
  • Next up I take a shower and take care of my body. Looking my best possible is super important for me as most of you guys should’ve already noticed.
  • As soon as I’m done with that, I start tackling my tasks for the day in order to scale my business. I always start with the most important task of the day and then move on to those tasks that are less important.
  • In the afternoon I usually exercise for about 30-60 minutes. But sometimes I do this in the morning already, after my walk. Depends on my mood.
  • As soon as this is done, I get back to the office and continue my work where I stopped. I usually leave the office at around 8 PM.
  • The first thing I do then is washing my face & brushing my teeth. If you are wondering, I don’t have fixed times to eat. I simply eat when I’m hungry and take a break from work by then to refresh my mind.
  • Now I end the day by shutting down all electronic devices and take care of my relationships. I usually do some calls or do some texting with my closed circle and wind myself down from work.
  • Sometimes I watch a movie then or do some other fun activities.
  • I hit the sheets between 22:00 and 00:00 most of the time. Doesn’t always work but my goal is to sleep before 00:00  whenever possible.

I’m constantly changing and trying new things out in order to improve my routine and get even more stuff done.

I hope you could gain some insights and maybe be inspired to enhance your own daily routine. Always make sure to work towards your goals in all three areas, health, wealth & love. If you want to lose weight and gain muscles, make it a daily habit. If you want to scale your business, make it a daily habit to get stuff done. No matter your big goals, you have to work towards them every single day.

That being said, always think big. – Sascha Venus



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