Sascha Venus for Dappertime
Dappertime is an important brand for me as it was my first collaboration as a Blogger back then. Since that Dappertime has gone through a lot of changes especially when we talk about the collection of well-crafted menswear & gentlemen accessories.
Let’s be honest, a gentlemen’s best friend is and should always be the suit. But I can tell you that I’ve seen a lot of suits and most of them were supposed to end up as a ‘normal day in the office-suit’. This can be cool for sure but in most of the cases, they become boring when it comes to fashion and style.
For these cases, Dappertime is providing you with super stylish pieces to level up your suit game.
It’s the one thing we are all striving for – Looking the best version of us! 
So why not try to detail your everyday outfits to make them look even better and more fashionable?

When we talk about the new Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection you will find some great statement pieces all about to update and reinvent your outfits for the everyday occasion. It really doesn’t matter if you are going for the casual streetstyle, a meeting in the afternoon, a dinner-party or a fashion week. Dappertime got you covered.
Sascha Venus for Dappertime


The name, Dappertime includes the term ‘dapper’ (adjective; Neat and trim in dress and appearance). So it was a sure thing for me to pull off a suit for the shooting. Detailed by well-selected essentials from the brand. The focus lays on the harmonic colors of navy, gray, and white. Those are all combined in the beautiful bowtie I’m sporting so the whole ensemble played very well together.
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Love the look Sasha and the print on that bow-tie is right up my Alley! I've never heard of Dappertime before visiting your site back in the summer and I see now that they have some great pieces, you may have a new customer on your hands!

Check out my latest post, I would love to know what you think:


Nice post man! 🙂

New look on

Greets Jon

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