Elevate your style with Guido Maggi

GuidoMaggi luxury shoes GuidoMaggi brings you some of the finest handmade luxury shoes you could ever imagine. And as you know, shoes maketh men so you should be reading carefully now to not miss out on your possible new shoes. So, GuidoMaggi is an Italian company who focusses on handmade shoes. In addition to that, … Continue Reading

Summer Series – Your summer shirt that fits

Summer Series Part II Is there the perfect shirt? Welcome to our summer series part II where we find out what makes the perfect shirt. We talked about your new summer suit in part I which you can find here in case you missed it. So, without further do, let’s hop in today’s topic which … Continue Reading

Summer Series – Bespoken elegance by Bowfolders

Summer Series Part I Welcome to our summer series where we want to give you the opportunity to create your perfect summer look head to toe. First up with our dear partner Bowfolders. Our first episode is all about the perfect suit. Related: Our ultimate suit guide Bowfolders – Individual & bespoken craftmanship There is nothing you … Continue Reading

The ultimate suit guide

Suits are an important topic themselves and you can do lots of things wrong but we from Your Modern Gent are here to help you out with our ultimate suit guide. Our suit guide – Let’s get started: First up, what are you looking for? – A: a suit off the rack or B: a … Continue Reading

5 Habits EVERY stylish man does

Human life is ruled by habits. Good habits as well as bad habits. All successful people know that which is a key factor in WHY they are successful. When talking about men’s style, you need to adopt a few habits in order to always look your best version. Listed down below you can find 5 habits … Continue Reading

A suits best friend

What is a suits best friend? I could write a long story now about the importance of ties, pocket squares etc. BUT making a long story short, let me give you my honest opinion: A suits best friend definitely is a scarf! Well, not necessarily during the summer season but during that, a tie isn’t either. But … Continue Reading


The watch in 2018 In my opinion, beside from suits, there is only one key piece that can make or break a gentleman’s appearance; The watch! It’s the most important accessory for the modern gent, still! I know we all have smartphones with us all the time which are also able to display the current … Continue Reading


Paco Rabanne Pure XS It’s the third time that we have the pleasure to review a great fragrance thanks to our sponsor Flaconi, the biggest online perfumery in Germany. We’re having the pleasure to present Paco Rabanne’s PURE XS to you.     We’re clearly talking about a very masculine scent, something that definitely deserves … Continue Reading