How to boost productivity


Boost productivity – Often heard, rarely realized, that’s at least what I experience a lot…

So, becoming and staying productive every day in the life of an entrepreneur is crucial in order to reach your goals. So, HOW can you boost productivity for yourself and your business?

The biggest misconception people have when talking about productivity is being busy. Being busy does not equal being productive. Getting 100 tasks done might sound like a productive day at first sight BUT the key to productivity does not lay in the number of tasks you get done, rather in the quality and importance of the tasks you get done.

I got three tips for you, how you can boost productivity:

  1. Prioritize: Take your list of tasks, best the night before, and prioritize what HAS to be done by the next day, what CAN be done if you got time left over & what can WAIT.
  2. Eat the frog first: Now that you have a prioritization on your list, schedule the MOST IMPORTANT task first thing when you hit your office. First up, your energy level + motivation are at their peak in the morning. So best you tackle those big tasks then. Secondly, that way you already accomplished a big thing very early in the day. This will set your mood for the day right + make the day productive way before it ends.
  3. Schedule your days/weeks. Take an hour every Sunday evening to plan out your whole week. Meetings? Calls? Training? Eating out? Plan all of that. That way you can set a clear structure and you don’t waste too much time with nonsense.

Following these three steps skyrocketed my personal productivity as an entrepreneur and helped me a lot in reaching my goals and scaling my company.

Bonus-tip: I use several tools to track my productivity, plan my time & my work. The one tool I always recommend is called ‘Wunderlist‘. It’s a brilliant tool to plan your tasks, categorize & Prioritize them.

Now, back to the office and happy hustling!

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