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Summer Series Part II

Is there the perfect shirt? Welcome to our summer series part II where we find out what makes the perfect shirt. We talked about your new summer suit in part I which you can find here in case you missed it.

So, without further do, let’s hop in today’s topic which is the perfect fitting shirt to stay on top of your summer style game.

Right fitting shirt

The perfect fitting shirt

The most annoying thing we could think of regarding a man’s style is a shirt that doesn’t properly fit. Why is that? It’s pretty simple. You could have the most gorgeous looking, perfect fitting bespoken suit, a suit you ever dreamed of. Add some fine shoes and a crisp watch on top of that. Finish it off with your best tie and pocketsquare, matching the color of your whole look perfectly. Sounds like a great outfit right? Well, your shirt is a badly fitting one from H&M. Your whole look is ruined instantly. We see a lot of guys out there making the mistake of underestimating the power that lays in their shirt. Some people argue that they will most likely keep their suit jacket on and no one is going to see the shirt anyway. But is that a legit excuse? No! People are going to notice your bad fitting shirt, no matter what. See it as the base layer that lifts the rest of your look up or drags it down.

A well-built house needs a good foundation. That’s exactly what a well-planned outfit needs. Your shirt is your foundation and you don’t want to play it cheap there. So get yourself a shirt that matches your body type and size. Our recommendation is a bespoke one. You can’t do anything wrong that way.

Bespoke Shirt

Why bespoke?

We discussed the importance of a bespoke suit in our summer series part I. A bespoke suit can be a bit more expensive. So does a bespoke shirt BUT only in comparison to a shirt off the rack. With a ‘cheap’ one you’re going to pay in two ways.

  1. You’re going to pay more in the long run as you have to replace your shirts more often in terms of quality.
  2. You’re going to pay with the time you spent on crafting your look which is going to be damaged by your ‘cheap’ shirt anyway.

So, what should you do? Invest the time and money to get yourself some bespoke shirts. Not only are they going to last in terms of quality, they’re also going to fit your body and your size perfectly. Nothing is worse than a shirt that hides under your suits sleeves because it’s too short or one that is full of wrinkles because it’s too large. Nothing looks more unattractive than a shirt that is too baggy as soon as you take off your suit jacket. So better invest up front to worry less and look your best in the first place.

Bespoke shirt

Bespoke at a young age

We don’t think that we need to introduce Bowfolders to you anymore as we already talked and wrote a lot about them. They accompanied us on our annual trip to Pitti Uomo and are a dear partner of our brand. We fell in love with the brand Bowfolders since we first entered one of their shops in Germany. We never experienced better service and better quality suits. But the best thing about this collaboration which we won’t hide is the fact that Bowfolders just recently launched their exclusive young age campaign. What this means is that they offer bespoke suits at an incredible price point especially for younger people. Young people that are just getting started in their new job, starting their own business or do just have a favor for suits. This exclusive campaign is completely supported by us as we see a huge value in it for the younger audience. What better time to upgrade your wardrobe?


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Summer Series – Your summer shirt that fits
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