Our mission is to make the world a little bit more stylish & classy. 

Our approach? Minimalism! Only information to enhance your lifestyle, no ads & nothing to get distracted!


Your Modern Gent was founded back in 2015 by Sascha Venus to inspire people with his own style and provide style tips. It all started as a hobby out of being sick of casual clothing in and around the small town Sascha grew up. He was tired of seeing the same outfits over and over, dominated by jeans and t-shirts.

In 2017 we incorporated the business, as the only company providing professional information, guides and courses to help our readers as much as possible. We also collaborate with likeminded companies to deliver the best product recommendations. Our ethos is to provide massive & real value to our readers and don’t run this website like any form of diary or personal blog. 

We are different from other related websites as we serve in various forms and only promote and work with brands that we are 100% happy about. We are a hard-working, straight-talking company and want to improve the life’s of our customers.